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Welcome to the Start-Up Launchpad Blog! - July 17, 2011

Emily E. Harris, Patent Attorney

And, we're off! Welcome to the Start-Up Launchpad blog. Jason and I are attorneys at the Davis Brown Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa.  Jason is a tax attorney who handles a wide variety of corporate matters and I specialize in intellectual property law. Our experience working with startup companies has revealed a few things about entrepreneurs:

  • You are so passionate about your concept that it's hard to take time to focus on the legal needs of a new business;
  • You want results quickly, including quick turn-around from your legal team; and
  • You don't like the traditional law firm method of billing by the hour because you are not sure what your final bill will look like.

As a result, we have developed two concepts targeted for startups and emerging businesses designed to address these issues.  

First, we have created Start-Up Success, a program that provides strategic advice and legal services that we believe every new business should obtain. The Start-Up Success bundle of services is offered for a flat-fee so that you always know how much your legal services will cost.

Our second concept resides at Through the site, you can register to become a client and obtain online access to customized forms, educational materials and checklists that are targeted to startups. Our online forms also allow you to submit information to us that we use to create legal documents that are customized exactly for you. And, because we have developed an entirely new and efficient workflow process, we can generally create your customized legal documents quicker and at a lower cost than we have traditionally been able to offer. 

Using our innovative portal, you can form a business, create a non-disclosure agreement, request a trademark search, prepare an independent contractor agreement, build a website privacy policy and terms and conditions of use, download the Startup's Guide to Intellectual Property and many other documents. To date, we have at least thirty different forms, checklists and educational materials on the web and  we intend to add to that stock over time. Our educational materials and checklists are generally free and the customized legal forms are offered for a flat-fee.

We will use this blog to write about legal topics that are relevant for founders, startups and emerging companies and will identify things you should and should not do as a business owner as they relate to various legal issues.  If you have any topics that you would like us to post on or items that you would like us to add to the website, please let us know.