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Work Visas for Start-ups are Possible with Planning and Caution - August 22, 2011

Lori T. Chesser

Lori T. Chesser, Immigration Attorney

Foreign nationals are often involved in starting a new company in the United States, whether as an entrepreneur, an employee with critical technical skills, or an organizer of a branch of a foreign parent company.


Compliance with U.S. immigration law is tricky in these situations. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (which oversees U.S. immigration) recognized that immigration law was standing in the way of entrepreneurship and job creation, and took the initiative to relax some administrative interpretations. However, the basic structure of the law can only be changed by Congress.


A new document that details possible visas for these situations, including non-immigrant or temporary visas, was recently uploaded to the employment section. For more information about work visas for start-ups, register to become a client and download a copy of Immigration for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs.