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The Hangover Part II - DVD Release and More Legal Trouble - December 6, 2011

Emily E. Harris, Patent Attorney

In honor of today's DVD release of The Hangover Part II, we were about to repost our earlier entry about the copyright infringement lawsuit against Warner Brothers by an intrepid tattoo artist over the design he inked on Mike Tyson's face. Although the case settled (presumably in favor of the tattoo artist), I was quickly checking for any updates or leaks on the details of the settlement when I discovered that a second copyright infringement (and defamation) suit had been filed against the movie. This one appears much more dubious (and hilarious) than the one I blogged about earlier.


The plaintiff, Michael Rubin, says that he married his girlfriend in Japan and then things fell apart during their honeymoon in Thailand. He alleges that he wrote a script titled "Mickey and Kirin" which described the events of his wedding and honeymoon. He believes that his script, which he has registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, became the basis for the story in The Hangover Part II. Rubin also sued his now ex-wife for telling their story to a contact at Warner Brothers. In case you were wondering, he also added defamation claims for certain parts of the movie involving Stu Price (I'm sure you can guess which parts) that Rubin claimed did not happen and painted him in a bad light. The studio and Rubin's ex-wife have not yet responded to the lawsuit, but I wouldn't expect this one to make it very far.


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