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To Post or Not to Post: What Really Needs to be on the Wall - December 13, 2011

Jo Ellen Whitney

Jo Ellen Whitney, employment and health law

1/4/12 - The National Labor Relations Board has agreed to postpone the effective date of its employee rights notice-posting rule at the request of the federal court in Washington, DC hearing a legal challenge regarding the rule. The Board's ruling states that it has determined that postponing the effective date of the rule would facilitate the resolution of the legal challenges that have been filed with respect to the rule. The new implementation date is April 30, 2012. Learn more.


The Federal and State government require that employers post many items by the time clock, provide access to those items on their intranet or otherwise make sure that employees receive a copy of certain kinds of information relating to the applicability of employment laws.


To add to your wallpaper, the National Labor Relations Board has issued a rule which requires that almost all private sector employers post a notice on or before January 31, 2012 informing employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. This applies to your business, even if you are not a unionized employer. Statements issued by the NLRB also state "employers must also provide a link to the notice from their internal or external website, they routinely use the site to inform employees of personnel rules or policies".


A full list of exclusions and who needs to post or who may be exempt from posting can be found at You will also be able to obtain a free printable copy of the poster. Just make sure you print the correct size (11x17).  A list of the combined Iowa and Federal requirements for posting are also available for your reference.