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Employment-Based Visa Date Craziness - June 27, 2012

Lori T. Chesser

Lori T. Chesser, Immigration Attorney

If you are watching the Visa Bulletin priority date progression, you may have motion sickness.


The Visa Bulletin is published monthly by the Department of State (DOS) and determines who can file the final stage of permanent residence the following month.  This year the big movements have been in India and China EB2 (advance degree professionals):  They moved up dramatically, allowing many people to file the "adjustment of status" application after many years of waiting, but then just as quickly "retrogressed" to "Unavailable" (no one can file). 


In addition, the "worldwide" EB2 category (all countries but those listed separately) became backlogged for the first time in recent memory starting July 1. This caused a flurry of June filings and re-working strategy for many people who did not anticipate a waiting line for their green card.


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